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Seeking room from approx 1 December

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Oct. 3rd, 2009 | 10:28 pm
posted by: miss_andromache in nycroommates

I've posted before but my arrival date is closer now so trying again.

Hi, I'm moving to the USA from Australia for one year. I leave at the end of November, have a place to stay in the short term, and would ideally like to move from there around the 1st of December.

I haven't completely set myself on neighborhood yet so my only "wishes" (which I think everyone has) are to be as central as possible, close to amenities and the subway. I'd prefer a furnished room but it's not a must. I'd like roommates who I could hang-out with as I'm not just coming for work, I want to meet people and have fun.

That's about it, leave a comment if you'd like more information.

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