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Looking for a roommate for December...

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Jun. 1st, 2009 | 10:37 am
posted by: miss_andromache in nycroommates

Hi everybody,

I'm Mel and I'm a 26 year old Australian and will be coming to New York in early December to live and work for a year as a part of a new exchange program. I know this is pretty early, but I haven't ever lived with someone who wasn't already a friend or family before and considering I'll be living in a whole other country, it would be nice to get to know my potential new roommate before I move in. I think this will make the transition a little smoother for me.

At the moment I am studying for a degree in fine arts, creative writing here in Australia and will finish in November, just before I leave for the US. I work part time as a medical secretary and marketing assistant and I also write movie and book reviews.

I'm a writer so I spend a lot of time working on my computer or reading. I tend to get sucked into fannish things, my current loves are: Doctor Who and Torchwood and Heroes and I still nurse a special place in my heart for the X-Files, CSI, Buffy, Veronica Mars... the list goes on.

I'm friendly and would prefer to have a roommate who I could hang out with, not just share a home with. That being said, space and peace and quiet is also important, so having an extremely social, person who wants to have parties every weekend wouldn't work for me. I am extremely neat and tidy. I would like to live with someone with the same qualities so that I don't end up doing all the chores. I'm good at and I love cooking especially for others so you will get some nice dinners and special cakes every so often.

Other general things:
- I don't love cats and tend to be allergic to them, I love dogs especially Westies and Scotties (we have a Westie here).
- I don't smoke, I'm asthmatic and cigarettes aggravate it
- I'm straight but gay friendly
- I'm semi-vegetarian. Meat-wise I only eat chicken, turkey and seafood. I don't mind living with a meat eater and I'm mostly okay with cooking meat but there are some limits to my being okay with all that. :)
- I don't have a specific area of New York in mind to live in. I don't have a real preferance as to where, I just want to be able to get around so access to public transport is essential.
- I won't any have furniture, it's just not practical for a one year stay. Would be hoping to find a furnished place, a roommate with furniture or a place where I'd only have to furnish the bedroom. Would more than likely be selling my stuff when I come back to Australia at the end of 2010.
- Money wise, though I won't have a job when I first arrive, I have enough money to set myself up until I find one. Will not be fussy about work when I get there, temping agencies will be my first port of call. Once I'm more firmly established, then I'll start looking for full-time jobs. I will honour my committments and keep potential roomies in the loop about work/finances.
- I'll be staying in Boston with friends initially and travelling to New York for short trips to look for a place and a job. So if even we get along now, we don't have to make any decisions about whether to move in together until we've met. I would, however, hope to be in a place by Christmas.

Also, wouldn't mind making some friends, getting some advice on NY life and so on.

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