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Looking For a Room In Brooklyn

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May. 20th, 2009 | 06:47 pm
posted by: acidtonguexo in nycroommates

I'm francesca. I'm a student that will be attending City Tech in August and need a room for rent.I'm currently residing in long island and refuse to commute 2 hours to get to school and back. I'm responsible friendly and outgoing.I'm looking for a room under 600. Looking to move anytime in july or august. Just a female student looking for a safe place to live.Thanks!

Here's a little about me:
i'm straight but am gay friendly
pet friendly ( as long as cat hair isn't everywhere so i can breathe)
drug free,Non smoker,
enjoys reading drawing and my photography
My music taste is eclectic
I'm usually watching Discovery Channel, The Office, or lame Reality shows that are my guilty pleasure.
I do have my nerdy tendencies, I love reading LOTR and cult classics!
I'm very fair when it comes to chores or cleaning so you'll never not see me doing my part!
I am always clean and keep my place clean as well
i'm respectful and want to be treated with respect as well,
I spend alot of time on my laptop, i love to cook, i am cheerful,outgoing, and fun.
I know how to keep my distance- so i'm not annoying!

please email :

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